Many societal-scale trends are driving a critical need for more efficient and multifunctional power conversion “at the edge” of systems. For instance, the integration of solar and wind resources into our electric grid will require millions of efficient and extremely robust power converters. Similarly, emerging autonomous electric vehicles contain dozens of powered modules, including LIDAR sensors, GPUs, and cameras, that can consume quantities of power that are nearly equivalent to the amount of power needed to move the vehicle! Analogous trends are evident across many technology domains, including data center power delivery, power management in mobile phones, and electrification for emerging regions. My research aims to address these emerging, critical challenges by developing new technologies at the intersection of power electronics, controls and optimization, and power systems.

Ongoing Research Initiatives

Some of my ongoing efforts/interests are listed here:

  • Mixed-Signal Computing for Online Optimization of Power Electronics Systems
  • Modular and Self-Organizing Power Electronics
  • Scalable Solar and Renewable Energy Integration